Membership Benefits Include;
  • Telco Retiree Association enjoys an “Executive” level access to AT&T which enables problem resolution when issues are not resolved by AT&T agents.

  • The Telco Retirees Association website provides timely access to the latest AT&T updates and other information concerning members retirement benefits.

  • Telco Retirees Association is a charter member of the NRLN (National Retiree Legislative Network) which represents retirees to the U.S. Congress.

  • Telco Retiree Association participates and supports NRLN’s efforts to enact federal legislation to protect retiree pensions and benefits.


Membership in the Telco Retirees Association, Inc. is open to all retired AT&T Employees including predecessor companies; Pacific Bell, Nevada Bell, SBC and AT&T.

Telco Retirees Association Inc. will act to represent the interests of all Members and their Dependents regarding pension, health care, and other Retiree issues.

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