President’s Message, September, 2017

LABOR DAY, 2017……

By the time you read this, Labor Day will be upon us and perhaps just behind us.  135 years ago, this gem came on the American scene in 1882 commemorating the exploits of our laboring citizens.  Next comes an exploit of labor I witnessed, the birth of our first son.  Someone once said to me, “if men had to bear birth there would be no babies.”  Amen!  Think of it, about 9 months, 270 long tumultuous days watching the child yet to be born grow inside you . And then sharing a happy moment, Mom says, come here, give me your hand, touch here, yes that is the babies foot pressing outward.  And then the guessing game goes on for a while, is it a Boy or a Girl?  You agree, whatever, we pray for a healthy baby.  Then one day, surprise, the baby is on its way.  Husband drives.  Mom to be sits holding her stomach and says, “My water broke”.  And you say in surprise, “Your what broke?”, never mind we will make it, just hang on.  Now you all are in the delivery room for 10 hours of grueling labor by your beautiful wife and it ends with the addition of a doctor and everyone saying push, push, push harder and thankfully another human miracle appears.  A child is born held up by his feet, patted gently while we listen for the first sounds of life.  We hear.  Mom holds out her hands to clutch and hold her first child.  That’s labor folks…. that’s real labor.  Life giving labor I cannot measure.

I’m here because somewhere in Chicago 1932 two people fell in love.  Then they met in a moment only they could describe.  And nine months later I arrived in my Mother’s arms. What a trip.

Thank you, Mother.  Thank you, my God, for 84 great years of life.  Finally, I must note, life saved my best life partner to last, my beautiful wife Angela.  One more final word(s) if you are a mother and you read this I suspect you will think back, hopefully smile, and say proudly,” been there, done that”. Mothers’ love has no equal, it is the sine qua non.

Chuck Gilbert, President, TelCo Retirees Association, Inc.


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